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Talk: The Adaptive Toolkit: How we made Mini Motorways

August 2021

I presented this talk at New Zealand Game Developers Conference 2021, with the aim of sharing how Dinosaur Polo Club does tool development, within the context of Mini Motorways.
The main message of the talk is to Make Tool Dev Easy. Make tools that help making tools; talk to designers and artists and producers and find out what will make their life easier. Make the iteration cycle between tool development and tool usage as small as you can!
I also shared a stripped down version of the framework for use for everyone, which I've also shared down below!

Presentation Slides:

DPC Editor Framework Code:

And the code! A link to the GitHub Gist itself is here.
The TL;DR is:
0. Copy all the files into Scripts/Editor/ in Unity (or drag and drop the Unity package from here.)
1. Open the tool via Windows / DPC Editor Tools.
2. Copy/paste or add to the ShortcutsEditorTool.cs (the example tool), and add whatever editor code you need to DrawTool().
3. Add any new tools to line 24 of EditorToolsWindow.cs
And that's it! Edit the code, make tools, and make games to your heart's content.

If this was useful, please let me know on Twitter! @tanatanoi

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